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The CellPhase technology and how it works...

  • Accurate non-invasive pH and DO monitoring

    The CellPhase BioCoaster System allows the user to non-invasively monitor dissolved oxygen and/or pH in any liquid biological sample in "real time."   CellPhase BioSensors are not affected by protein content, solids, or particulates. There are no membranes to clean or replace.

  • High quality sensor patches

    Disposable sensor patches for either pH or dissolved oxygen are affixed to the inside of a transparent glass or plastic vessel. The vessel may be autoclaved for sterility after affixing the sensor patch. The vessel is aligned with a 1 inch window on a 2.5 inch diameter disc-shaped coaster which is connected through a small Hub Box to any PC via USB cable. A light beam is transmitted from the BioCoaster to illuminate and excite the designated sensor patch that then responds with an emitted frequency of light that is detected and processed by the electronics in the BioCoaster and Hub Box. It is not necessary for any liquid medium within the vessel to be transparent.

  • Automatic patch-type detection

    If a pH sensor patch is affixed to the inside of a vessel, the Single BioCoaster will recognize the patch as pH sensitive and the PC screen will provide and manipulate pH data from the actual conditions within the vessel in real time.  If a vessel, with a DO patch affixed, is placed on the Single BioCoaster, the system will recognize the difference and the data on the PC screen will be for dissolved oxygen.

  • Simultaneous pH and DO measurements

    A Dual BioCoaster, when properly aligned with an index line on the BioCoaster label, will provide both pH and DO simultaneously. The PC screen will then delineate both pH and DO. The Hub box will accept up to four BioCoasters, Single or Dual, interchangeably. The system firmware and software will recognize the difference between pH and DO sensor patches and manipulate the data in a corresponding fashion.

pH & DO monitoring just got better

non-invasive | non-destructive

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